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Weekly Announcements

Ahavat Yisrael of Wesley Hills Announcements



Feb 25 – Mar 5

14 Adar – 21 Adar


Purim Minyan Seats

Reservations for seats are closed. If you still would like to come please speak to the Rabbi or you can send your requests to


Megilla Zoom

Zoom will be available for both PM readings, but only for the 830am, not the 7am minyan. Note, the zoom option is intended for those unable to attend due to medical limitations or quarantine only.


Mask Rules

For all minyanim the wearing of a mask which fully covers the mouth and nose is required at all times. This includes children as well, no exceptions.  [If you need to remove your mask, please step outside of the Shul and restore it before returning to the Shul.]


When selecting a seat in Shul, unless the person near you is part of your household, leave no less that 6 feet of space between you, merely skipping a seat is not sufficient and jeopardizes both of you. The reason that we have left two or three chairs together in places is for families to sit together, please be mindful.




Mazal Tov the Ronen & Leah Hizami on the engagement of Gavriel to Rachel Siegel.


Rabbi Asher & Laya Bush look forward to welcoming you to their home on Purim. We will have two tables, one for outgoing Mishloach Manos and another for incoming. Of course, masks and social distancing will be maintained. And, a new commentary on Megillas Esther will be included with the Mishloach Manos.


Shul virtual kiddush is being sponsored by Irwin Hollander to commemorate the upcoming yahrtzeit of his mother Roizeh bas Moshe.



SCHEDULE At Shul & Home



Fast Starts: 5:24 AM                                                                                                                                                                 

Fast Ends: 6:22 PM

Mincha Taanis Esther: 5:20 PM


Maariv & Megilla---

#1 6:20pm

#2 7:30pm


Those who are attending the second minyan and find the extended fast difficult may have a snack beforehand.

Note, the zoom option is intended for those unable to attend due to medical limitations or quarantine only.



Shacharis & Megilla (Megilla approx 35/40 minutes after start time)

#1 7:00am (Zoom is not provided for this minyan time)

#2 8:30am


Mincha and Candle lighting: 5:25 PM


SHABBAT (2/27)

Shacharis : 9:00 AM  (with R. Yishmael, say brachos at home)

Latest time for shma: 9:21 AM

Mincha: 5:05 PM

Family Seudah Shilishis at home

Shabbos Ends: 6:30 PM  

Maariv: 6:36 PM



Shacharis 8:00 AM                                                                                                                                                                 

Rabbi’s Gemara Shiur via zoom: 8:50 AM

Mincha/Maariv 5:35 PM


MONDAY – THURSDAY (3/1 – 3/4)

Maariv:  9:00 PM 

Wednesday: 8:15 PM Parsha Preview on zoom




Guidelines and procedures for Purim 2021 in light of the covid precautions

Rabbi Asher Bush

It is hard to believe that Purim will mark a full year since our world was turned upside down by the coronavirus. Last Purim our Shul was still open for business as usual, while others had already shut a few days earlier. We are indeed fortunate that Purim last year in our shul did not turn into a super-spreader event. We are committed to doing our best to help ensure the safety of all while fulfilling the Mitzvos in the optimal manner possible.

Megilla: Ordinarily the ideal way to hear the Megilla is in a full shul, with all men and women and even children old enough to sit and listen, in attendance, B’rov Am Hadras Melech. Clearly this is ill advised and just not an option this year as social distancing and masks covering mouth & nose are an absolute must. So, our ability to have that Rov Am—full house, will need be limited by the demands of health and safety. But the basic mitzvah, namely that each man and woman should hear the entire Megilla both night and day again does not change and can certainly be fulfilled with a lesser gathering.

In order to best facilitate this, we will not all be davening at the same minyan at the same time but will have two consecutive minyanim both evening and again the next morning, so that all men and woman can attend. In past years we generally did have an earlier and later minyan in the morning, but this year we need to be known in advance who will be at each minyan to avoid overcrowding and to make sure there is proper space for each attendee.

For this to happen we will need to know exact numbers, how many men and women, so we can seat everyone appropriately. A sign-up sheet/spread sheet will be circulated shortly to help accommodate this, please fill it out ASAP so plans can be made.  You may request to attend a particular minyan, but we cannot guarantee that all requests can be honored; we do guarantee a proper seat for all. There may be room for a few walk-ins, but that can only be determined at the last minute. It is unlikely, but if need be a third reading can take place as well.

What about ending my fast? Customarily we do not eat until after hearing the Megillah, unless one finds fasting this extra time too difficult, in which case a light snack may be eaten. This year it is likely that most people attending the second reading will feel that it is too long and will need to break their fast before. This is permitted, but unless the need is very pressing, one should only have a light snack at this time and save the meal until after Megillah reading.

What about listening on zoom? The use of zoom, phones, etc. to fulfill a Mitzvah is a big debate in halacha, with most not allowing zoom or a phone for hearing the Megilla.  Speaking in regard to this year, Rav Hershel Schachter said that one should not plan on hearing the Megilla in this manner, although it is possible in some cases there is no choice, and this may become the best option. Accordingly, specifically if one is not able to attend shul for medical reasons or is in quarantine this option will be made available. Even for those who cannot come to shul, the best option is still to hear a live reading when this can be worked out. If one has a Megillah scroll at home but cannot properly read it, reading along with the Baal Korei in shul is a very good option.

Matanos L’evyonim: As in past years, Rabbi Bush will be collecting for the poor in Israel through Od Yosef Chai. Cash or checks can be given up through Purim morning, although in advance is advised. The money will be distributed when it is Purim both here and in Israel. In order to avoid unnecessary contact, the checks can be mailed to Rabbi Bush in advance (but remember snail mail is no longer just a cute expression) or placed in a basket in Shul before or after any of the minyanim on Purim.

Donations for the Machatzis Hashekel should not be done as in the past by “buying” and removing the three half dollars and then donating them. It is sufficient to just donate this amount (or more) as the symbolic reminder of the Shkalim that were collected at this time for the Beis Hamikdash.

Mishloach Manos: Our efforts to remain socially distant do not mean that this mitzvah should not or cannot be properly done. While close-up contact should be avoided, mishloach manos can be exchanged by leaving them at a door or placing them on a table without having to come too close. Those who are uncomfortable going around can certainly fulfill this Mitzvah by having another person deliver on their behalf.

Particularly important to remember this year where close contact is to be avoided and so many of our brethren are suffering financially, the Rambam wrote that it is far more important to be generous with our Tzedaka on Purim than with our mishloach manos.

The Purim Meal: Being that this year Purim day falls on Friday, we need to be concerned that both Purim and Shabbos will be observed properly. Accordingly, the meal should not take place too close to Shabbos. The basic halacha is that the meal should be done about half an hour before “mincha ketana” which at this time is a few minutes before 3pm. There are some who try to eat this meal before noon when Purim is on Erev Shabbos but this is not a requirement.


Tue, March 2 2021 18 Adar 5781